Our Board of Directors

Philip Smith – Executive Director

  • Former Director of Planning and Development, City of Spencer
  • Advocacy and leadership experience with Trout Unlimited, WV Rivers Coalition, Boy Scouts of America, and other social and environmental nonprofit boards
  • Fifteen-year employee of West Virginia Department of Agriculture specializing in Integrated Pest Management

In my opinion, the first fifty years of an organization’s existence are the most fun. Each year, the Garden’s development and programming gets better. With botany playing a central role, we can curate plant collections that bring us joy as well as historical and scientific value. What’s more—community is so beautifully integrated with the natural history, well-being, and cultural experience programming. Our staff, volunteers, members, and visitors each play a daily role in making West Virginia a better place through their interaction with this organization. 

– Philip

Dave Barnett – President

  • Currently an Independent Sales Representative in the Outdoor Recreation Industry

  • Active with the Morgantown Tree Board

  • From Wilmington, Del, resident of West Virginia for 28 years

  • Worked in the Landscape Industry for 10 years.

  • WVU Forestry graduate, ISA Certified Arborist

Being part of the WVBG has helped me to continue my interest in trees, plants, and environment as well as introduce people to this amazing place and community within WV. I’m happy to be a small portion of such a great organization and wonderful people within and look forward to WVBG’s future growth.

– Dave

Victoria Cather – Vice President

  • Realtor – Old Colony Realtors
  • Director of the West Virginia Association of Realtors
  • Master Gardener
  • WVBG Board member since 2011
  • Friends of the Art Museum Committee Member
  • WVU College of Creative Arts Visiting Board Member
  • Native of Morgantown

I have always had a love of the outdoors and the treasures it has to offer. It has become my passion to help make a difference in the growth of the West Virginia Botanic Garden. I look forward to the WVBG becoming a tourism, education, and venue destination for our great state.

 – Victoria

Linda Bagby – Secretary

  • Professional Landscape Architect
  • Member of Wesley United Methodist Church
  • Member of the Morgantown Newcomers Club
  • Resident of Morgantown since 1992

This Garden is a wonderful resource for our community! It is a place to experience the beauty of both natural and designed landscapes. It is a place where the wide diversity of plants that grow in this region can be showcased. It is a place to relax, de-stress, have a walk or run, and be inspired by new wonders every season if not every day. Best of all, it is a place where people can learn and appreciate many great things about life in West Virginia.

 – Linda

Jan Mitchell – Treasurer

  • A native West Virginian
  • Former grade school teacher in Harrison and Preston County
  • Pharmacist at Monongalia Genera Hostpital for 31 years, retired in 2017
  • An active life member of the Service League of Morgantown
  • Certified Monongalia Master Gardener 20+ years
  • Active with the Valley Hills Garden Club and served as the Landscape Design School chairperson for the West Virginia Garden Club
No matter what the season there is always something to see at the West Virginia Botanic Garden. It is serene and beautiful.

 – Jan

Nancy Abrams 

  • Writer & photographer; former journalist
  • Author, The Climb from Salt Lick: A Memoir of Appalachia, published by West Virginia University Press
  • Monongalia County Special Olympics, Executive committee
  • WVU Campus Club, Former president,
  • Co-owner and board member of communally owned farm in Preston County, WV
  • Resident of Morgantown for more than 20 years

I love the botanic garden because it offers different opportunities to different audiences. It is an educational experience for children and adults. It is a beautiful respite from our harried lives. Visitors can explore the intersection of the natural world and cultivated gardens. It is a glorious addition to the Morgantown community.

 – Nancy

Amy Armentrout

  • WVU Alumni
  • 6 years at MVB Bank, Banking Center Manager
  • Co-Chair of Women United fundraising committee
  • North Carolina born, WV raised
  • Sports and live music enthusiast

I’m grateful to have such a beautiful place in Morgantown-West Virginia for that matter- that brings all people together in nature. The Terrace provides a beautiful space to gather for special events, big and small. We are lucky to have WVBG in our back yard.

 – Amy

Hannah Booth

  • Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, WVU Extension
  • WVU Reed College of Media alumna
  • West Virginia native
  • Resident of Morgantown since 2013

Exploring the West Virginia Botanic Garden is one of my favorite activities here in Morgantown. It’s the perfect place to escape for a bit and recharge in the peaceful surroundings. The educational resources available for all ages at the garden are also hard to beat — there’s truly something for everyone here. 


 – Hannah

Rod Brundage

  • Currently employed by West Virginia University, Safety & Health Extension
  • Monongalia County Certified Master Gardener, 5+ Years
  • President Vantage Pointe Homeowners Association
  • Resident of Monongalia County for over 15 Years
For me this is the perfect combination of place and people. Having such a magnificent outdoor space, that is equally matched by the wonderful caring people who have come together to protect and celebrate it, provides a tremendous asset to our local community and our state. It is an honor to be a part of this organization.

 – Rod

Danin Cather

  • Director of Marketing & Communications, Mon Health System
  • Leadership Monongalia Graduate
  • Girls on the Run volunteer & coach
  • Florida native, Resident of Morgantown since 2014

I love the West Virginia Botanic Garden because it is a perfect place for friends, family and community. It is a hidden gem in Morgantown and I look forward to helping others find out about our happy place.

 – Danin

Gregg Cave

  • Assistant Dean of Student & Alumni Services at the WVU School of Nursing
  • Native West Virginian and Monongalia Co. resident for 26 years
  • U.S. Army veteran

The West Virginia Botanic Garden is a wonderful place to introduce kids to the outdoors.  It is a classroom where they can actively participate in the beauty of nature.  An absolute WV treasure!

 – Gregg

Lyn Dotson

  • Retired from WVU Foundation
  • Former Associate Dean of the WVU College of Law and Associate VP of Institutional Advancement, WVU
  • Board member of Oglebay Foundation, Pricketts Fort Foundation, Mylan Park Foundation, U Methodist Foundation of WV, Harless Center Foundation
  • Active in Suncrest UMC
  • Graduate of WV Wesleyan College
  • West Virginia native

Friends told us of the West Virginia Botanic Garden and after our initial visit, we were committed to its future. The WVBG is a special place for visitors of all ages – a hidden jewel with unlimited potential. The Garden is deserving of our support, both financially and through the volunteering of our time. The WVBG helps make the Greater Morgantown Area a wonderful place to live.

 – Lyn

Beth Gross

  • Assistant Federal Public Defender in the Northern District of West Virginia
  • Former Assistant State Public Defender in Harrison County WV
  • 2010 Graduate of WVU College of Law and 2007 Graduate of WVU Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • Mom of two wild little boys and two loved doggies
  • National Park and outdoor enthusiast! 

I love the Botanic Garden so much because it has really brought my family together in ways I could never have imagined. We share so many walks here where we all actually talk. It gives us a way to connect to our community, nature, and importantly, each other. We love to attend all of the events available, both educational and social, where we can meet likeminded friends and enjoy the garden in a different way.

 – Beth

Shawn Grushecky

  • Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Energy Land Management, WVU
  • WVU Faculty Senator, 3-year member and past chair of Sustainability Committee
  • Morgantown Resident Since 2011
First and foremost I love the community atmosphere of the garden.  It is a great resource for the region to meet and enjoy their natural surroundings.   The hardworking nature of all the WVBG volunteers also motivates me to try to do more for the garden to make it an even better community resource.

 – Shawn

Jennifer Henderson

  • Human Resources Professional for over 16 years 
  • 2007 Graduate of WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics and 2006 Graduate of WVU Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • West Virginia native and resident of Monongalia County for over 20 years

The West Virginia Botanic Garden is a hidden gem. My husband and I enjoy daily walks with our three dogs. It is a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of West Virginia. My hope is that more and more families will have the opportunity to visit and enjoy all the gardens have to offer.

 – Jennifer

Andrea Horton

  • Retired Petroleum/Natural Gas Engineer
  • Former professional affiliations with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Gas Association, and the Southern Gas Association
  • Member of WVBG Board since 2016; current chairman of Membership Committee
  • Member of the Cheat River Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Lifelong Resident of Monongalia County

In my retirement years, I am enjoying active involvement with the WVBG. It feels worthwhile and vital to contribute time and energy to helping the Garden grow and thrive in our community. It is just up the hill from my home for the past 40+ years, but I just discovered the Garden 10 years ago. What a gem it is!

 – Andy

Jason Keeling

  • Executive Director, American Red Cross, Allegheny Highlands Chapter, 2017 to present 
  • Member of Organizational Leadership Council, West Virginia University, John Chambers College of Business & Economics
  • Former coordinator for West Virginia Wilderness Coalition
  • Graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College and Marshall University 
  • Yoga instructor and amateur musician 

It’s exciting to support the West Virginia Botanic Garden, because it’s a place that cultivates connection with nature, others and self. This type of space is particularly important to provide balance in a world where everyday life is often experienced through digital technologies.

 – Jason

Sally Taylor

  • Retired Registered Nurse/Health Care Administrator/Health Educator
  • Former employment with the Monongalia County Board of Health and Board of Education; WVU Schools of Community Medicine and Nursing – Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Graduate of Carlow University (Pittsburgh) and West Virginia University
  • Board member of the Service League of Morgantown
  • WVBG Board member for 10 years, currently Chair of Grants Committee
  • Resident of Morgantown since 1970
I love the West Virginia Botanic Garden because it is the perfect place to unwind and get in touch with nature.  It offers a great place to give back to the community with lots of rewarding volunteer opportunities, regardless of your skills and interests.  It is such a beautiful, must-visit place.

 – Sally

Ex-Officio Members

Patrick Biafore West Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

  • Vice President and COO of Biafore Landscape Development
  • Certified Professional Horticulturalist with a specialization in herbaceous plants
  • West Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association, Board Member
  • West Virginia native
The West Virginia Botanic Garden is a hidden gem on the outskirts of Morgantown.  The Garden is rapidly growing figuratively and literally.  It provides a great educational resource for the community and for those interested in all kinds of plant material, animals, and nature in general.  The  WVBG is an asset for the community, city, and state.  It is also a wonderful place to relax, get some exercise, or enjoy a community event.

– Pat

Zach Fowler – WVU Core Arboretum

  • Director, West Virginia University Core Arboretum
  • Service Associate Professor, West Virginia University Department of Biology
  • Board Member, Friends of the Cheat
  • Past Board Member, Brooks Bird Club
  • Lifelong resident of West Virginia, lived in Morgantown since 2005
I think that West Virginia Botanic Garden is an excellent place to connect people with nature and gardens, and it is a treasure for our community and region.

 – Zach

Jenny SelinCity of Morgantown

  • 15 year member of Morgantown City Council
  • Current Mayor of Morgantown
  • Academic degrees in Park Planning and Law
My favorite trail leads from the upper parking lot along the hillside to the Solar House.  It is the secret entrance to the Garden with a view.

 – Jenny

Life Directors

Frank Scafella, Jr.

  • Retired – Morgantown City Council member, former Mayor

George Longenecker

  • Retired Professor of Landscape Architecture, WVU
  • Retired Executive Director of the West Virginia Botanic Garden


Cheryl Carnegie – Executive Assistant

The West Virginia Botanic Garden is an incredible place.  The grounds are stunningly beautiful in every season and it is one of the most accessible places near Morgantown to hike.  The Garden is a wonderful resource for the local community, and its progress is driven by an amazing community all its own.  The Board, Staff, and Volunteers at the WVBG are a remarkable group of people that share a common goal – a rare find.  It’s an honor to work with them.

 – Cheryl

Phil Cole – Site Manager

The West Virginia Botanic Garden is an ecological gem. The diversity here, from the majestic hemlock groves to the lively wetland habitats, offers tremendous outdoor education and research opportunities all on one site. The new welcome center has been a major catalyst of increased education programming, visitation and has spurred new beautiful gardens. The garden is a great place to unplug, unwind, and be inspired.

 – Phil

Dana Larcenaire – Event Sales Manager

I loved exploring the West Virginia Botanic Garden as soon as I moved to Morgantown in 2011. It has been exciting to see the garden grow tremendously over the years. It is incredibly important to have a safe space in nature to hike, learn, adventure, and celebrate. Our community and visitors are very lucky to have the WV Botanic Garden to nurture our need to connect with nature.  Aside from the physical and mental benefits the garden provides, it is also the perfect backdrop for special events!

 – Dana

Erin Smaldone – Education Director

The West Virginia Botanic Garden has always been one of my favorite places in Morgantown. My husband and I were married here in 2010 and we visit often with our two children. I just love the intimate feel of the place, whether it’s enjoying the sunshine while walking the Reservoir Loop Trail or the quiet peace of the forest trails. I absolutely love how the Garden changes throughout the year, from the emergence of tadpoles and leaves in the spring to the endless summer blooms and amazing fall color. Every day at the WVBG is special. I am honored to share this amazing place with all who visit.

 – Erin

Sarah Smith – Volunteer Coordinator

As a Morgantown native and long-time visitor of the West Virginia Botanic Garden, it’s very exciting to see the environmental stewardship, accessibility to nature, growth and the variety of programs that the Garden has brought to our local community. What a treasure it is to have this literally in our backyard! I am excited to see what the future holds for our local community, for the Garden staff and am eager to see our volunteers (the foundation of the Garden) grow as well. I am grateful to join them in these efforts.

 – Sarah

Maria Gebhardt – Environmental Educator

As a wildlife and Fisheries student, I have a love for being outdoors and teaching others about nature. At the garden, I feel so welcomed and I have learned new things everyday! Being able to be in an environment where I can teach others, learn, and relax has been very beneficial to me and I look forward to continuing my experience and growing in the garden!

 – Maria

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