2020 Annual Appeal

The West Virginia Botanic Garden has grown tremendously since its founding 20 years ago!

 That is correct, the Botanic Garden has been providing the community a wonderful natural venue for two decades! Not only has the Botanic Garden provided an opportunity to see and study a wide variety of plant life, it has also been a great place for children’s activities, walking your dog, nature hikes, trail runs, and assorted gatherings for friends
and family.

We are truly thankful for the tremendous support that we’ve received from our members over the years. This year that support is even more critical with the global pandemic. While the WVBG has remained open for social distancing in nature, we have not been able to host the typical fundraisers that help with our efforts. We know that there will be life beyond the pandemic, and next year we are committed to more great work. This includes the new Children’s Adventure Garden which will be a great addition for our members and community. Projects such as these can’t be done without the support of our members and community! Please consider a charitable contribution to the West Virginia Botanic Garden before December 31, 2020. Your tax-deductible gift is vital to creating learning experiences, inspiring families, and improving the well-being of the community through the natural environment
and culturally enriching experiences.

Philip Smith

Executive Director

Shawn Grushecky


Our $75,000 GOAL will help take this cultural and recreational asset to the next level, a place that West Virginians can enjoy and be proud to share!

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Your gift will support the transition of our state’s only botanic garden into a premier horticultural and environmentally sensitive education and event destination in the region.


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