Each year on Earth Day, people around the world are reminded of the impacts they make on the environment around them. However, many of the lifestyle changes sparked by Earth Day messaging often seem too inconvenient or insignificant to sustain on a daily basis, and we revert to a more wasteful and less earth-conscious lifestyle. At West Virginia’s flagship garden, we hope that through our conservation education and programming that we can inspire you 365 days a year to make wise decisions that benefit the world around us.

We want to place a special emphasis on small, achievable goals. Collectively, if we all do a little, it will mean an awful lot. Just like the small donations that you give us help to keep the Garden open for everyone, your smallest efforts to improve the environment are compounded across the globe for a greater good.

Please consider all the ways you can help conserve water, burn fewer fossil fuels, preserve valuable habitat, and reduce waste in your daily life. A great place to begin is in the garden, see our tips for greener gardening below.

Let’s challenge each other to make a difference.


Philip Smith
Executive Director

The WVBG celebrates the Earth every day through all we do. Show your support and help us out by donating today! Happy Earth Day!

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