Originating at the diversion dam follow the blazes to a creek crossing downstream from the dam.  The rocks in the creek make this crossing quite easy most of the time.  There is a short boardwalk aiding in the ascent from the stream.  Immediately past this boardwalk on the right is the Mine Pit Trail (formerly Noah’s Trail).  Continuing up the slope is a large open hillside to the right, which has many ferns and other herbaceous plants. To the left are rhododendron thickets and trees paralleling the creek. The Tibbs Crossing Trail joins this path for a few feet before the Far Side Trail heads up the hill. At the top of this ascent Noah’s Trail joins and the trail then descends to the Meditation Garden.  Great place for a very peaceful rest!!! Leaving the Meditation Garden, on down the hill the hiker meets the Tibbs Crossing Trail again.


0.32 mile – orange and green circle blaze

This trail connects the Forest Trail to Tibbs Crossing Trail, the Meditation Garden, and both ends of the Mine Pit Trail.

This trail crosses Tibbs Run.  You may get your feet wet.
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