This trail is central to the other woodland loop trails. The Forest Trail is just a few paces from the wooden bridge and allows travel in either direction.  Following the trail to the right the walker comes to a beautiful open area, the site of the diversion dam that was integral to the development of the reservoir.  Ascending the trail, the vegetation changes from mixed forest to thick stands of hemlocks, providing noticeable cooling. The cliff at the upper extent of the Forest Trail provides a lovely view of the forest below.  All along the upper part of this walk Great Rhododendron is abundant.  Watch carefully and the Rattlesnake Orchid peaks up near the trail.  Owls are often heard calling in this forest. The loop terminates back by the bridge.


0.55 mile – orange star blaze

Low Cliff Overlook

Take this trail to the Low Cliff Overlook, one of the staff’s favorite spots in the Garden. Have a seat on the low stone bench and enjoy the gorgeous view into the hemlock forest – but for your safety, do not venture beyond the overlook!  This spot is at the very edge of WVBG property.

This trail is a true loop, that connects both ends of Tibbs Crossing Trail, the Far Side Trail, both ends of the Wetland Loop Trail, and the bridge to the Reservoir Loop Trail.

The Forest Trail provides an exit from the Woodland Trails. Circle to the bridge across Jones Run and turn right on the Reservoir Loop, or take the Wetland Loop Trail to the Wetland Boardwalk then make a left on the Reservoir Loop Trail or Service Road for the quickest access to the lower parking lot.

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