The Gardener of the West Virginia Botanic Garden, Inc. (WVBG) serves as the assistant to the Site Manager and is responsible for helping manage landscape beds and plants, site needs and volunteers. S/he is responsible for working closely with the Site Manager to ensure all site projects are properly installed and maintained. This non-exempt position is an at-will employment and is subject to meeting performance expectations of the Executive Director and to the availability of funding for the position. In addition to the terms enumerated below, the Gardener acts in accordance with the Bylaws of the WVBG as they are in force at the time s/he is hired and as they may be amended during her/his employment.


The Executive Director will meet with the Gardener to review her/his performance at least once annually. The Gardener/Horticulturist reports directly to the Site Manager and is expected to communicate workplans with their supervisor. Hours are generally flexible if objectives are being completed.


Expected hours for 2023 are approximately 15-20 hrs/week. Expectation that position could increase hours as WVBG grows, possibly to full time in the future.

Responsibilities include:


Garden improvements throughout (not limited to):

 Design/ and or assist in new plantings including plant selection, bed preparation and installation.

  • Help accession plants: assign, label, update digital spreadsheets as needed
  • Maintenance and storage of existing and new tropical and annual plantings
  • Control/ maintain existing irrigation systems
  • Help develop future plant collections
  • Help maintain existing plant labels and develop new ones
  • Germinating seeds and starting plants in the late winter for planting into beds in spring


Site Maintenance (not limited to):

 Coordination of volunteers on a weekly basis for general landscape maintenance (Traditionally on Thursday mornings)

  • Spray deer deterrent on sensitive plant materials throughout the year
  • Pick up litter as needed throughout the garden.
  • Weed, Prune, fertilize, mulch and water plants as needed/directed.
  • Help with weed eating and mowing with Site Manager
  • Help maintain all equipment (fuel, oil changes, sharpening, etc.)
  • Help clear/remove trees, brush, stumps, weeds, and invasive plants as needed with Site Manager


Additional Responsibilities (not limited to):

  • Able to lift plants, planters, misc. equipment and material in excess of 50lbs.
  • Requires some moderate physicality including kneeling, hands-and-knees work, pulling, etc.
  • Serve on the Planning Committee and help led discussions/ decision making
  • Lead walks and garden tours a few times a year
  • Provide design input for garden spaces
  • Attend design retreats.
  • Prepare an evaluation of accomplishments at the end of the year for the Executive Director
  • Provide communications team with information about what’s blooming for social media
  • Write newsletter and newspaper articles as requested
  • Friendly interaction with visitors daily

 Desired experience

  • Experience with developing and maintaining a garden
  • Bachelor’s degree in botany, horticulture, or other natural science
  • Experience with farm equipment, tractors, chain saws
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player


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