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Once it is fully operational, the new Terrace at Tibbs Run and its associated amenities will provide income for the Garden, and an enormous boost to our mission delivery. The sooner we can finish the project, the sooner that will become a reality. Rapidly changing conditions in the construction market have caused unforeseen budget constraints, and we have additional needs for this facility that were not included in the scope of the original grant, including furnishings, audio/visual equipment, and other items.

The Vision


March-Westin began clearing the area in late spring of 2021.  Much of the site and foundation work is now complete, and construction should continue to progress rapidly.  We hope to have the facility completed by the summer of 2022. 

How You Can Help

Make a donation to help us furnish the facility and bring it online as soon as possible!

We are offering the opportunity to show your support and leave your mark on this tremedous project that will change the face of the WVBG forever.  For those who donate $3,000 to the project, you will be included on a beautfiully crafted cherry sculpture of the WVBG logo leaf to be displayed prominently in the main event space.  For those who donate $500, you will have be included on a legacy paver display outside the main entrance to the building.  Details on both displays are illustrated below. You can also choose to participate in our upcoming building shower if you’d rather purchase a specific item for the new building (check back for details) or make a donation in any amount to the building fund.

Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Show[er] Your Support

Donate to purchase individual needs for the facility.  The first 50 to donate a shower item will be eligible for a free WVBG logo umbrella!

 Shower Your Support begins April 1 at 6pm.


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