Welcome to Nature Nuts, a new outreach program from West Virginia Botanic Garden for the education and inspiration of young children. Brought to you by WVBG educators Erin Smaldone and Jess Kaplan, each episode features a different topic and focuses on plants and animals found at the WV Botanic Garden. The fun yet informative format is meant to engage children while they learn and promote further exploration and discovery. Check back regularly for new episodes  – enjoy!

Nature Nuts Episode 4: Slimy, Squirmy Salamanders

Are you ready to meet our woodland friend, the salamander? They are slimy and squirmy and oh so awesome! In this episode of Nature Nuts, Erin and Jess walk the woods of the WV Botanic Garden in search of our salamander friends. What do you think they will find?

Nature Nuts Episode 3: Tadpole Tales

In this episode of Nature Nuts we learn about the life cycle of frogs and toads. Frogs and toads are amazing animals that go through a complete transformation as they grow from egg to adult. Can you imagine growing arms from the place where you used to breathe? Join Erin and Jess to learn about that and more. Enjoy!

Nature Nuts Episode 2: Plants are Awesome

How does a plant change as it grows? How do plants make seeds and why are they so important? Learn about the plant life cycle in this episode of Nature Nuts!

Nature Nuts Episode 1: Squirrelly Discoveries

In this episode, Erin and Jess explore what makes for a good squirrel habitat. They find tall trees, nuts, and a special furry friend!

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