How different the Welcome Center looks since our last newsletter!

When we last left our story, the walls were just going up. In this process, it was found that many of the parts of the WVU solar house that were intended to go on top of the foundation were missing or not usable. The new walls are up now and are protected on the outside with Hardie Plank siding. The building sports a new green metal roof with soffits and fascia in a color intended to blend with the window trim. The windows and doors (mostly from the WVU house) are in place, making the building weather-tight. Utility hook-up to the building will be happening soon. Since the plumbing and electrical infrastructure has now been installed, foam insulation can be sprayed. Drywall will be up in no time! In the Education Center on the lower level, the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust is funding the cost of the insulation, and The Oakland Foundation provided support for upgraded lighting.

Progress is also happening on the outside of the building. The area around the building has been graded to its approximate contours. The large deck has been framed, and WVBG volunteers have worked on the decking as time and weather allow. The framing for the other “green” roof- this one intended to demonstrate the benefits of vegetated roofs – is complete. This opportunity to showcase another way plants can be beautiful and functional additions t o the landscape is being funded by the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust also.

When construction by the March-Westin crew is complete, there will still be plenty of work for WVBG volunteers to do! Volunteers will be needed to paint the walls and doors, install the hardwood floors, and install cabinets, among other jobs. Does this sound like fun to you? Wonderful! You can play an important part in getting the building open t o the public. Please e-mail me at or call 304-322-2093 if you are willing to help when that time comes!

By:Linda Bagby, Building Subcommittee Chair

Originally published in our Spring 2016 newsletter

West side of the building (we will be painting the doors!).

Photo by Linda Bagby.

South side of building.

Photo by Linda Bagby.

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