Hiking past the diversion dam on the Forest Trail a sign directs the walker to the lower end of the Tibbs Crossing Trail, so named because two crossings of the creek are necessary to complete this loop.  It is worth wet feet to follow this path along a lovely cliff with huge tree roots descending the face of the rocks.  There are many large trees both hemlocks and other broadleaf trees and dense collections of rhododendron.  After the second creek crossing the trail ascends to the upper end of the trail as it intersects the Forest Trail just below the scenic cliff.


0.31 mile – lime green diamond blaze

Tibbs Crossing Trail is an offshoot of the Forest Trail, and connects the Forest Trail to the upper end of the Far Side Trail and the Meditation Garden near the property border.

This trail crosses Tibbs Run two times. You may get your feet wet.

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