We love to celebrate arts and culture at the WVBG, with emphasis on the special connections between art and nature. One of the ways we do that is through our Arts in the Garden workshop series. We were very fortunate to be able to conduct the series this year, with financial support from The Organizational Arts Grant, which is made possible through a collaborative effort between YCF and Arts Mon, with funding from the Monongalia County Commission and the Douglas H. Tanner Memorial Fund for the Arts. We wanted to celebrate the series this year by displaying the artwork produced by some of the participants during the workshops. Thanks to all of the workshop leaders, participants, and the Organizational Arts grant for helping to make this happen. We look forward to continued art creation and inspiration at the WVBG and beyond. 

Wood Relief Workshop

Stratas by Kellie Cole.

Wood relief by Linda Jackson.

Partitions by Kellie Cole.

Soufriere Steve by Phil Cole.


Various projects submitted by instructor Dylan Collins.

Moontide by Phil Cole.

Pulp & Plants: Homemade Paper Making

Natural Paper by Linda Jackson.

Outdoor Portrait Photography

(submissions by instructor Jacki Marino)

Botanic Garden Observations: Field Journaling

Flowers by Helen Flanagan-Sullivan

Lenten Rose by Helen Flanaga- Sullivan.

Secret Garden by Helen Flanagan-Sullivan.

Natural Tie Dye

Tie Dye Bandana by Candace McCoy.

Natural Tie Dye Mask by Heather Shepler.

Natural Tie Dye by Sarah Waugh, modeled by her daughter.

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